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We answer email inquiries promptly!
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Custom Built Bench Top Options

We offer a number of different types bench tops.


Stone bench tops come in an extensive range of beautiful colours and patterns to complement any colour scheme. Stone tops provide a work surface that is stain resistant, easy to clean and enhance any room they are a part of.

Stone is available in a range of thicknesses and profiles from the thin, streamlined to classical opulence. There is no need to compromise.


A luxurious and prestigious product whose appeal is time honoured. Marble is the ultimate statement piece. Marble is available in a range of different colours and patterns all absolutely unique. At Jasse you will be provided the opportunity to personally select your own unique piece of marble for bench top, splash back or spectacular feature piece.


Acrylic is the very latest option in counter tops. Acrylic is moulded in one seamless piece. Acrylic can be moulded to any size, around, corners, inclusive of sinks and drain boards. Available in a range of colours and patterns acrylic offers durability, ease of cleaning and stain resistance.


Granite comes in a range of beautiful natural shades and patterns with dazzling flecks of colour and light. It provides a strong and durable surface, with colour shades that will compliment any room scheme.


Timber can be earthy and informal or elegant and refined. Organic, rich and warm, timber counter tops are expanding in their appeal and making their way out of the kitchen and into bathrooms and laundries. With a diverse range of beautiful timbers available all with their unique features, properties and colours It is easy to understand the resurgence in the popularity of timber.


Laminate bench tops are the quick, easy, affordable option.  They come in a number of different colours and textures.

New Product For Laundries – 20mm Acryllic Top Bench Tops

The new 20mm Acyrllic bench top has a similar look to the stone or acryllic.  These acryllic bench tops are incredible durable in wet areas offering an appealing affordable option in laundries, outdoor kitchens and areas prone to wetness.